Please read before ordering your custom item.

Terms and Conditions 

Our Timeline

Our policy on custom orders is to have finished items shipped within approximately 30 days from the time we received the order with payment. All work is hand made and one of a kind. Elk Ivories are like a fingerprint ~ no two are the same. We want to take the best care possible, when we received your order, we immediately categorize them with your name information. If there are any questions, we will contact you by email, text or phone.  Please give detailed instructions as to what you would like including item # and description.

We will clean and prepare Elk Ivories, claws & Turkey Spurs, the less you do, the better. Please note that Elk Ivory can have natural tartar build-up, this is removed when the ivory is cleaned and polished. The natural color of the ivory will remain including the color rings. Our pictured items have a range of ivory color to try and show how different ivories look in the setting. From light white to deep brown.

We are not responsible for rings that are the wrong size. For the wideband wildlife rings and most of the men's elk ivory rings please have your finger sized with a WIDE ring sizer. Because of the wide size, they tend to be tighter fitting.  If you are not sure if the ring you like is wide please ask us and we will recommend the appropriate style sizer. We can not size the Elk Ivory rings smaller after the ivory has been set. The Ivory is destroyed if we have to remove it to make the ring smaller.

Hand made disclaimer

The Natural stones we use can vary in color from what you see on our website. We hand select and cut many of our stones from the raw material. We also use Natural Gemstones in our work that may affect the pricing on your piece from our standard pricing. If you have any questions please contact us.

Care for your items

We recommend keeping Elk Ivory, Claws & Spurs out of water ~~ remove them when bathing or swimming. Do not leave the jewelry in the sunlight for long periods of time. On a dresser or in the car on the dash or hanging from a mirror. These are natural products and reasonable care is needed. We are not responsible for cracks or damage to items from misuse or heavy wear. With proper care, your natural item will continue to look beautiful.

Unclaimed items

If we happen to get an order without payment, we will bill you when work has started. If we do not receive payment in 90 days with repeated reminders, the products belong to us and will be sold to reclaim our labor and materials.

Return Policy

We do accept returns on products within 15 days after you receive them. Example: Sterling Wildlife jewelry, our Elk Ivory or Claw jewelry less shipping and handling. If the jewelry is a custom order made with your Ivories or Claws or Spurs, we can not accept returns.