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Handmade Knives

These are some of the most popular knife styles that Tom has designed. They are made to use and love. ATS-34 stainless steel has been found to hold a superior edge in caping and quartering game. A Variety of Handle Materials are available with your choice of One or Two Scrimshaws. Includes a Handmade tooled Sheath. 6 to 12 Month Delivery. Contact us for Price list

 New Zealander Style ~ Shown with Brass Bolster , Elk Antler Handle and Elk Scrimshaw

New ZealanderNew Zealander

Trout & Bird Style ~ Shown with Brass Bolster, Ivory Micarta Handle & Trout Scrimshaw

Trout & Bird StyleTrout & Bird Style

(Top) High 1 Style ~ Shown with nickel Silver Bolster, Antler Handle & Elk and Aspens Scrimshaw

(Middle) High 2 Style ~ Shown with Hammered Brass Bolster, Antler Handle & Elk Scrimshaw

(Bottom) Bow Hunter Style ~ Shown with Hammered Brass Bolter, Antler Handle & Bear ScrimshawHigh 1
High 2
Bow HunterHigh 1 High 2 Bow Hunter

Forbes Tracker Style ~ Shown with Brass Guard, Antler Handle, Elk and Pines Scrimshaw & Antler Display StandForbes TrackerForbes Tracker

Michigan Hunter Style ~ Shown with Brass Guards, Sheep Horn, Bison Horn Spacers, Elk Antler Handles and Sheep Horn Butt Cap (Elk & Whitetail Scrimshaw)Michigan HunterMichigan Hunter

Canine KnivesCanine KnivesCanine Knives

Offered with your Bear Canines or we can provide them.

Prehistoric Cave Bear in Limited Editions
Male Canines (Editions of 20)

Female Canines ( Editions of 40)